Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What is the Most Effective Way to Increase Traffic to Your Website?

Ask a marketer or business owner what they would like most in the world, and they will probably tell you more customers and more traffic to their site. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, and in today's post, lets discuss a few.

Focus on the Long Tail:

If you are the new site, it can be difficult to go after popular keywords right away. It is better to write many quality articles on very specific keywords than to go after the ones with more search traffic. A great benefit of staying focused with long tail keywords is that they usually convert better. To help with this, a tool called HIT TAIL is  recommended, which drives targeted search visitors to your website by focusing on the most promising organic keywords in your existing traffic.

Stick Around:

The longer you are in business and producing quality online content, the more likely you are to pop-up in search results for all related keywords. Starting a blog or churning out a bunch of articles is all fine and good, but keeping those activities going for several years as opposed to months (or weeks) makes a huge difference.

Optimize Your Article:

There are three main ingredients to a successfully optimized web page or article are: Your Meta Title, Description and Keywords.
This is such a simple thing to fill out when you're publishing a piece of content on your site.

Ethical Link Building:

Keyword-embedded links are the foundation of Off-Page search engine optimization. The best part is that links can be free. Just ask vendors , partners, press, clients and any other credible source that you are targeting. If the referring source has a high page rank, you should see pop in your ranking in less than 2 months of them being published. 

Use Google's Keyword Tool:

Find long-tail keywords that are not as competitive, then structure some content around those. If you are in a competitive niche, this is a way you can start building up some small recurring traffic and engage users.

Providing Amazing Values to Your Readers:

When it comes to increasing organic search, content marketing through blogging or guest post is the fastest way to build great traffic. However. content marketing is a quality game and not quantity game. If we have horrible content, people might not share it or read it, which is basically the entire point of building company blog. Therefore, when we write our blog, we really need to look at our content strategy.

Don't Try to Outsmart Google:

Gaming Google systems might work temporarily but it is not a good strategy for a long haul. To increase organic search traffic, produce top-notch content that's relevant to what your users might be searching. Check the Google keyword tool to make sure you are using the correct terminology that the general public is using when they are searching.

Decrease Bounce Rate:

If there is one thing search engine hates, it is the bounce rate. Check your keywords for this and optimize those pages to reduce your bounce rates.

Think of SEO as an Opportunity to Create Value:

SEO isn't a game. At least it isn't a game that you will win in the long run if you think of it as a game. Create content that readers find valuable and Google will deem search worthy. Visitors are more likely to share content that they enjoyed reading and will stay on your site longer, while bloggers and the media might use your site as reference, which means more organic links.

Leverage Industry Experts:

Everyone likes opining as an expert. You will be surprised how easily you can convince industry leaders to contribute guests posts to your own blog. They will likely have their own readerships and those people will become familiar with your brand.

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