Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Understanding "Define" Digital Marketing Process

The most crucial stage in any kind of marketing is to understand the business or the product that we are marketing. It is very important for us to define various factors at the very initial stage even before we plan any marketing strategy. The more you understand the client and his business requirement, the marketing strategy would be that effective.

Step:1 -  Questionnaire and Requirement Analysis

In this phase, we understand the business of the client by asking him basic questions about his product. We understand who are his target audience, his budget for marketing, his annual expenditure and current financials. We need to find out as much details as possible so that we analyze the data better. By doing so, we are avoiding any future miscommunication and also we would have a checklist which we can use for evaluation.For better understanding, we considered a scenario of a fast food restaurant in NIT, Warangal. 

Step:2 -  Buyer Persona

In this process, based on the targeted audience, market research and the current foot fall, we create a buyer persona which will include customer demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals. By doing this, we will get a better understanding for creating our marketing and sales strategy. Based on the buyer persona, we can understand the typical needs of the customers. Based on this, we can make create a strategy to influence and convince customers to believe in the product we are marketing.

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